Saturday, 28 January 2012

Preparatory Saturday

Aaaah,   Saturday Retreat.  The time to get ready for Church on Sunday.   Making
sure  the Sunday-Go-To-Meetin'  clothes are clean (or at least the pens and
USB sticks are taken out of pants pockets before washing!).  Time to say prayers
for all those who preach on Sunday.   Time to say prayers for the needs of the

And Saturday is Quilting while listening to "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera".
I'm an Opera fan that  hasn't a clue about Operas.  I turn on CBC Radio Two
each Saturday afternoon and try to guess what Opera is the Opera of the day.
99.99% of the time,  I haven't a clue.  But it is Opera. Wonderful! 

Funny how the house is quiet Saturday morning but Saturday afternoon,  Old Son
turns on Ironmaiden.  Humm.   Opera and Ironmaiden frequently compete for
sound.    And how often the Opera and Ironmaiden tunes sound hauntingly
melodic.  Who knew!

Saturday quilting time.   Aaaah.  Today I'm working on a give away quilt.  This
was actually for last year's  Fundraiser for the Christian Heritage School but the event
happened before the quilt was completed.  Oops.   The School is not having a Dinner -Fundraiser
this year so this quilt is open to offers for your fundraiser!  I make quilts not for sale
but to give-away.   I did attempt to start a quilting business but didn't have the IT
savy nor the cash.    In reading Ester deWaal's  books on Celtic prayers,  a light bulb
clicked on full wattage.   I love making quilts and I love helping people.   What could
be better than to give quilts away. 

Have an awesome Saturday and remember to take time to listen to God.

Saturday Retreat:   For this day, O LORD,  we give You thanks and praise.  We
stand at the cusp of Your Holy Day,  we wait for Your words to us this day. Be with
those who preach You Word.  May all those who preach be open to Your still
small voice.   Help us to listen to Your voice today.  And may we always remember the needs of others. This we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen.


  1. Hey there! Good to see you blogging!

  2. But you're not 49 yet for a couple more days!

    1. Shelley... Indeed I'm not yet 49 but with the way Computers and I "interact" I thought I'd put 49 so I wouldn't have to change my profile blurb in a couple of days :) And turning 49 will be neat! I volunteer with people who are 86 -- they think me a young whipper snapper. And I volunteer with people who are 12 to 18 -- they think me an old geezer. So 49 is just right in my thinking :)