Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday - Music as Thanksgiving

Prayer:  For Your love and mercy O God,  we give You thanks.  For the food we eat and for the friends we meet,  we give You thanks.  For each new day we can live and work in Your presence,  we give You thanks.  Amen.

Read Nehemiah 12:22 – 26

Read  1 Chronicles 23: 28-32

A list of names are given of these Levites who sing praise and thanksgiving according to the command of David.   These men would singing praise and thanks usually in connection with prayers as well as the burnt offerings.  In 1 Chronicles 23: 28 – 32,  a listing of their tasks is outlined.   These men were to help the Priests in the service of the temple of the LORD.    The men would stand opposite each other while singing thanks each morning and each evening.  They were to serve before the LORD regularly.  This was their duty but it was much more than a duty or tasking… it was a way of life.   

Who helps out with the music at your Church?  Today we might say that our Choirs have taken upon a portion of the role of the Levites in singing praise and thanksgiving.       When your Choir meets for Choir practice,  do they spend time in prayer?   Do they read over the scriptures for Sunday so that they know the scriptures and prayers they will be singing?    Somehow over the decades,  our Choirs have changed from being a group of people who meet for education and study of the Scriptures and learning the Sabbath music  and prayer  to a group who  practice music for each Sunday.  

This week,   keep the Choir and Music Director and Musicians in your prayers.   Pray that they may seek out the Word of God that they will be singing each Sunday.  Pray that they will gather as God’s  people before worship in a time of prayer.   Pray that they may continue to lend their voices to the praise and thanksgiving of God through their singing.

The three things I am thankful for today are:


Prayer:  Heavenly God,  we lift up to You today those who lead Your worship in music and song.   Guide their voices and their music so that with one voice and one song,  we all can praise Your most Holy Name.  Amen.

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