Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday - prayer for General Assemby

This weekend our  National Church,  Presbyterian Church in Canada,  have been meeting in what is known as General Assembly.  General Assembly is the meeting of selected ministers and elders from Presbyterian Churches across Canada that meet together to prayfully and devotedly decide on the life and business of the Church. 

O LORD,  we ask You to govern the minds of all who are called at this time to make decisions at our General Assembly.  Guide them as they make choices that will affect all of Your Church.   Almighty God,  in Whose home are many mansions,  we pray to You to surround our National Church,  those at General Assembly,  our home Church and our home with the unseen wall of Your protection; that we may be devoted to Your service, and may serve one another in love; until we come at last to that home which You have prepared for us that love You; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  (portions from Frederick Macnutt.  "The Prayer Manual".  Mowbray,  1955.  Prayer #734)

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