Monday, 28 January 2013

Many month's work

Medals in process of being Court Mounted.... if I could only find the measurements for Canadian Medals to be court mounted.     Our Museum has an exhibit opening soon and these medals need to be court mounted for the display.  Yikes.    For some reason Canadian Court Mounted medals seem to use cardboard backing that is 4 inches in height.   And of course,  I don't have enough ribbon for two of the medals.  Desparation is the mother of all headaches,  er inventions.  :)

A baby quilt for the wee little lad who is our next wall neighbour.  The wee little lad was born in August... so this will most likely be a one year old wee lttle lad quilt.    The squares have a compliment of animals and their names in english as well as the sounds that each animal makes.     The Canadian flag fabric is to celebrate that this wee little lad is a Canadian.    Our next wall neighbours asked us to name the wee little lad.  What an honour.  We had four names picked out and Mom and Dad chose Nathan.     He is a real cutie and indeed is a wonderful gift!

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