Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday - seeing others through the eyes of Love

Prayer:  Great God,  You have told us that now is the hour for us to awake from sleep.  Enable us to open our eyes to Your Divine Light and attentively hear Your Divine voice calling and exhorting us daily.   Amen.

These next five days,  we will look at and meditate upon the five topics from St Luke 6: 37 – 38.      These topics are extremely important in our Christian life and not something to just read and then go on to some other learning.   In order to be whole Christians,  we need to reflect and really look at these five topics.

Topic #1:  Do not judge

Oh boy.  This is a difficult topic.  Do not judge.   In the Old Testament Hebrew there is no single word for what we have today when we talk about judging as a concept of justice.    So Jesus was not talking about getting rid of all Judges but a different kind of judging.   Jesus was warning the disciples (and us)   against assuming the role of judge and judging others.  Jesus states that our judgement of others is the measure of the judgement which we shall receive.     Think about that for a moment.

We judge people and their actions every day.     Often we stand in line at the grocery store and automatically judge people by how they are dressed or what they have in their grocery carts or how many swear words we hear coming from their mouth.    Jesus says to the disciples (and us) that if we judge people by how they are dressed or what they have in their grocery carts or what comes out of their mouth’s,  we in turn will be judged by God on our attitude.   Now, the great thing is that we have already been forgiven.  But seeking to be whole People of God  means we must work on not judging others.     And this will not be something that we can work on only once and we get good at it…..  we need to daily work on not judging others….   This is a life’s time worth of work.

Next time we are standing in a grocery line up and start to judge someone,  stop immediately and say in your mind,  “Lord, help me to see this person through Your eyes of love”.     

Prayer:  Divine God,  with our hearts open and rejoicing in Your love may we hear the teaching of Jesus and apply them to our own lives.  Make us ready to accept Your teachings and ever faithful to follow You all the days of our lives so that through the labour of learning we may return to You with love, peace, and justice.  Amen.

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