Sunday, 11 May 2014

Prayer for Mother's Day

Prayer adapted  from Frederick B Macnutt's  "The Prayer Manual"  Mowbray, 1955   Prayer #738

O Lord, who was born of a woman, bless, we ask You, the women of all nations upon whom are laid the burdens of unwonted duties.  Strengthen them in their hours of strain and weakness; preserve in them the spirit of sympathy and love.   We remember this day our own mothers.  We give thanks that they brought us life so that we,  in turn,  can bring the love of Christ into the hearts of all.  For those mothers  who are struggling with missing daughters and sons... grant them Your compassion and peace.   Inspire those who hurt women to be changed,  to ask for Your forgiveness,  and  find out that You are the Great Shepherd -- the caregiver of all.     Grant all women the help of Your grace, that in all things they may find Your love in  their vocation and for each woman to share their vocation with other's this day.  May the love, joy, and peace of our Great Shepherd,  Jesus Christ abide with all women and all  mothers this day and always.  Amen.

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