Thursday, 11 December 2014

Advent 2 - Thursday

O Emmanuel,  prepare our way O LORD to You.  Forgive us when we stumble and set us back on Your path.  Guide us this day so that we continue to help those who need Your aid.  Come Lord Jesus Come.  Amen.

So often we hear of Advent being the time of waiting.    The waiting for the return of Christ.   This is true,  we do  indeed need a time set apart each day to worship God each Advent day and to wait.    But there is one crucial portion of Advent that we often overlook.   That crucial portion is  taking the time each day to set ourselves apart in prayer and scripture and TO LISTEN.    While waiting is difficult,  waiting and listening is something we don't do in our day to day lives.    Why do we need to listen?  And to whom are we waiting and listening?   We are waiting and listening for the Word of God.   

The website "pray as you go"   has a wonderful Advent Retreat for the four weeks of Advent.  It provides a time for us to do some listening.

Presbyterian Record Senior Editor Andrew Faiz has asked us to read and re-read and live the Gospels this Christmas.   He asks us to binge on the Gospels.  Fill ourselves with the Good News.   There are some big issues and big decisions coming up at our National Office that require us to be open to the Word of God.  While reading and thirsting upon the Gospels,  we also must take time to pause and listen to God so that we can go forth and do what God asks of us. 

Before his death,  Metropolitan Anthony of Souzah wrote in his book "Living Prayer" about a devoted Grandmother.  This Grandmother came to Metropolitan Anthony and said, "Metropolitan,  over my lifetime  I have read the Bible,  I have worshipped,  I have prayed.... but I am missing something.  What am I missing?"  Metropolitan Anthony responded, "Do you make time each day to just listen for the Word of God?"    The Grandmother said no she didn't.... and then she asked Metropolitan Anthony how she was to listen.   He suggested sitting in her favourite chair and if she couldn't sit still in her favourite chair to sit and knit but to keep her mind open.     To sit and to listen to the voice of God.  To sit and listen to the Word of God given to us each day.   Oh if we just listen.   Then we can truly say that we have lived this Advent season in the presence of God.  We can truly say that we are ready to live each day in gratitude to God, as we have been given the knowledge of  how we can take the Word of God and share it with our family,  our friends,  our community,  our Church (both local and National).  

This Advent day.... wait.... and sit... and listen for the voice of God.... and then take action.

Stir up our souls O LORD so that we thirst after You each day.    Create in our lives a time to wait and listen for You.    O Come O Come Emmanuel.  Amen.  

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