Sunday, 10 January 2016

Epiphany... in more ways than one

Last week was the celebration of Epiphany.... the journeying of the wise men to kneel at the feet of the  Christ child.  
Isn't it interesting that Epiphany is also known as an "aha!"  or a sudden idea.  

This past year has been an Epiphany for me.  More health and medical stuff that cascaded like Niagara Falls.      Nothing has been diagnosed yet.  After a time of frustration and tears,  I finally had an Epiphany.   I could live in anger or I could do something about my emotions.    I now look at each day in gratitude for the Church we attend,  our family and friends,  our Family Doctor  and for the Physiotherapist who have all kept me together.     And sometimes I still just sit and cry. 

But in all things,  I'm reminded that like the wisemen,  we are all on a journey.  It is what we do on the journey that makes the travelling all worth while.