Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday - God sends us helpers

Monday Retreat.....
Prayer:  Our strength comes from the Lord our God.  Hallelujah.  You will not let us stumble by day nor fall by night.  You cover us with Your love and You guard us in our going out and in our coming in.  Amen.

Read St. Matthew 27: 32 – 44

This is tough reading.   We don’t like to read of the death of our Saviour.  But!  We need to read this passage remembering that on the third day,  Jesus rose again and by his sacrifice, he gave us eternal life.  Amazing!

As Jesus is carrying the cross piece of the cross,  the soldiers and Jesus come upon Simon from Cyrene.  The soldiers make Simon carry Jesus’ cross.    Cyrene is a city in what is now present-day Libya.   The City was home to a large  Jewish population.   Perhaps Simon was in Jerusalem for the Festival of Passover.  We don’t know if Simon was Jewish or not.  But we do know he was in Jerusalem.  

Frequently when we get into a situation where we don’t see a way out,  God will send a helper.  As Simon helped carry Jesus’ cross,  this day,  be aware that YOU may be the helper to others  today.

Prayer:  Great God,  we look up to You for help and remember that You are our help in our every time of need.  You are with us through our whole lives.  We thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son so that we might have eternal life. We give You thanks and praise.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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