Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday -- Work and Worship

Prayer:  Great God,  we thank You for those who work tirelessly in Your name.  We thank You for those who serve You so that others may know of Your love.   May we all imitate Christ and become like Christ more and more each day.  Amen.

Read  1 Thessalonians 1: 1-5

This is one House Church that was hopping!   The Thessalonians took the Great Commission to heart.  They shared the Good News of God not only in Thessalonica but
in other regions nearby to their city.     They worked and never ceased.   And why did they work so hard sharing the Good News of Christ?  Because of their work of faith,  their labour of love, and their patience of hope in following Christ. 

And what “work” did they do?  They worshipped together,  they had fellowship together,  they prayed, and reflected upon the words of Christ.  

Yet the House Church in Thessalonica had a rocky start.   Some of the people in the community did not agree with the new religion and arrested several converts and tried to capture Paul.  Paul managed to leave but he did not want the House Church to fold because of dissention within the community.    And the House Church thrived and survived because of the congregation’s belief in the Great Commission.   They imitated Christ.

May we too this day imitate Christ and serve others with love, joy, and hope so that they can see the love of Christ. 

Prayer:   God of the World,  together we worship and adore You.  We give You our lives so that we can share Your love with our neighbours and friends and family.   Help us to be a blessing to all we meet this day.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.
Many blessings!

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