Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday - go and prepare

Prayer:  Lord God, You do not look at appearances but at our heart. You are forgiveness. Lord God, You renew in us peace of heart and a serene joy. O Risen Christ, You are with us, even with those who are unaware of Your presence. O Risen Christ, You place in our hearts a longing for Your Kingdom. O Risen Christ, You call us to share the fruits of the earth and of our work. Lord God, by Your Christ the fullness of Your life is offered to us. Lord God, into Your hands we place our entire life.   (Taize Prayer for Each Day   Time of the Church 8


Read St John 14: 1 – 7

Jesus comforts the disciples by stating that in His Father’s  house are many rooms.  Jesus is going to the House of God to prepare a place for each of the disciples (and us too).     Jesus is going and preparing a place of us.

We know the place Jesus is going and we know that Jesus has already prepared a place for us.  This portion of scripture is frequently read out loud at Celebrations of the Resurrection (Funerals).    This portion of scripture is read out loud to provide comfort to those who are grieving because it confirms our trust and faith in God. 

How do we go and prepare a place for others?   This takes faith on our part.  This also takes a thirst for learning about God’s  Holy Word so that what we share with others is joyous in God’s sight.     We are asked to go and prepare a place for others to know about God.  This involves knowing what we believe as Christians… this involves living life in a right attitude… this involves offering our lives each and every day to God’s  service.     

Today,  how will you go and prepare others for the dwelling place of God?

Prayer:  Jesus our peace, by the Holy Spirit You always come to us. And in the deepest part of our soul, there is the wonder of a presence. Our prayer may be quite poor, but You pray within us. Amen.   (Taize -  Prayer for Each Day.    Time of the Church 8

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