Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thursday - Go and proclaim the Kingdom of God

Prayer:  Saviour and Redeemer,  may we be ready to obey Your call to do the work of Your Church.  May we follow You without delay.  Grant us willing hearts and able hands to to and proclaim the Kingdom of God to all Your people.  Amen.

Read  St Luke  9:57 – 62

Three men came up to Jesus and wanted to be his disciple but before they could commit to being a disciple of Jesus,  they had things they needed to do.  Jesus responds by saying, “Go and proclaim the Kingdom of God….” (verse 60).    

Go and proclaim the Kingdom of God.  If we truly want to follow Jesus,  we need to put aside our procrastinations.   This sounds easy but is it truly easy?  When we read and study the Bible,  do we ever want to miss a day thinking, “Oh,  I”ll pick up where I left off tomorrow”.  And then the “tomorrow” ends up being a week later.  Then our reading of the Bible seems overwhelming because there is so much to read and study all at once.       Or do you start with great intensions of reading a Daily Devotional but then somehow over the weeks stop reading.

Reading and studying the Bible takes work.  It is a discipline.   But it is a disciple that is a life line for Christians.       Reading and remembering portions of the Bible is what holds us together as Christians.  The more we learn about God and Jesus through the Scriptures,  the more mature we become as Christians.  The more mature we become as Christians  means the more mature our decisions will be for the Kingdom of God (our Church). 

This week,  think about how you can “Go and proclaim the Kingdom of God”.  What will you begin studying this week?   Will you read the Bible each and every day?  Will you read and reflect on a devotional each and every day?

Prayer:  Blessed Lord,  who has caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning.  Grant that we may in such wisdom hear these Scriptures.  May we  read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest Your Word, that by patience, and comfort of Your Holy Word, we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life, which You have given us in our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.  (adapted from Second Sunday in Advent “The Book of Common Prayer”  Oxford, 1937)

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