Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday - Lenten preparing

Lent is that time in the Church when we all take time to pray and reflect.  Some Churches give something up for Lent in order to make the time of Lent more meaningful.    Some Churches open the Church up during the weekdays for  more times for worship and prayer.  Some Churches do more in their communities as an example of Christ serving those who are in need.    


In the Presbyterian Church in Canada,  we do something more for Lent through our prayers and our service.  Doing more prayers and more times of reflection make some people groan because it means work.   Yes,  praying and making times of reflection is work but think of it this way.   Preparing oneself for Lent is  like getting ready to go outside in the winter time.   We know that outside will be cold and windy,  so we dress in a heavy coat,  with a toque or hat or hood, and we wear mittens or gloves,  and tuck our feet into snow boots.  We add extra clothing to keep our bodies from freezing.    Lent is the time when we add extra prayers and times of reflection in order to keep ourselves prepared for the glorious celebration at Easter.  


Consider this blog your toque and mittens  and parka for the next  forty six days. A toque, mittens and parka are essential for keeping us warm and healthy during winter.   Each day,   will be a prayer (toque to keep us warm in God’s love),  a scripture to help us grow as Christians (parka to surround us and keep us warm in God’s love),  and a question to keep us pondering throughout the day (mittens to keep us warm in God’s love). Essential for keeping us warm and healthy in the love and knowledge of God.  

The scriptures are from the New International Version.  Zondervan, 1983 unless noted otherwise).   

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