Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday - being still and listening... and quilting

Today at   .... my quilt block for the Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Con is the first one in the second row.  QuiltCon is the very first Quilt Conference for those quilters who create quilts in the "modern" style.   I was impressed when I read on the website that the Modern Quilt Guild wanted to  make quilts for kids at the Austin Children's Shelter.  They asked anyone to send in
a block.   These are the results.   Go over to their website and have a look-see.    Amazing the creativity!    Thank you Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Con for caring enough to care for others!

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Friday Retreat....
Prayer: “Be still my soul” as we remember the mystery of Your love.  Help us to wait and rest in You this day, O Lord of all. Amen.

Read  Psalm 46

The Psalmist writes that God is our refuge and our strength.  God is an ever present help when we get into trouble.  Yet we need to be still in order to listen to God.    During Worship we sit and listen to prayers.  We sit and listen to the Scriptures being read.  We sit and listen to the Meditation upon God’s Word.  
In the Presbyterian Church in Canada,  worship is officially called “Worship of Word and Sacrament”.  This means in worship we hear  the scriptures being read,  we pray and sing in response to our love of God,  and together we remember God and the sacrifice of Jesus through Baptism and the Lord’s  Supper.    This is the work of Worship.  This is the Worship that sustains and nurtures us as Christians.
Be still and know that God is the Great I AM.  God is exalted among the nations, and God is exalted in all the earth.  The LORD Almighty is with us where ever we go.  God is our fortress.    
Worship is what we do to honour and glorify God. 
Today,  take 3 minutes out of your morning, afternoon, and evening to just sit and listen to the voice of God.  Be still and rest in God.

Prayer: Redeeming God,  remind us of the promises given in the sacraments.  The promise that we are loved by You and that You will provide for us.  Help us to share those promises with others in Jesus name and for his sake. Amen.

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