Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thursday - healing broken souls

A couple of days ago our next wall neighbours were outside cleaning their car.  (Next wall neighbours because we live in a duplex).    They are expecting a baby.... on Friday.     As in tomorrow.   We trotted over to see how Mama-to-be was doing.     Imagine our surprise when Henry and Lily (Xinggui and Xia) said, "We want you to name our Canadian baby".  Wow!     In China,  Henry and Lily were told that they could not have children.    Upon arriving in Canada and three years later,  there is a baby on the way.   They consider this a great miracle.  And who better to ask to name a baby than a Minister. :)      They wanted a baby name that meant "Gift of God".         With a translator in tow,  we provided several names for boy baby names and girl baby names.  They chose Nathan (Gift of God)  and Sophia (Wisdom).   Mama and Papa- to-be are 100% sure that baby will be a boy.   For some reason I am thinking Sophia is a mighty wonderful name :)
We are indeed honoured to be chosen to name their baby!  Wow!  What an honour.    

Now,  does anyone have a baby quilt pattern that sews up in a weekend??  Seriously!  This baby will need a Canadian quilt!!! :)

Also,  I am still suffering the effects of a concussion so a really simple quilt pattern would be awesome.  My brain still is on frappe mode but better than it was on Saturday or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday.   Quilting is going to be very difficult to do but this one naming quilt will hold very special meaning for a very special baby.

Thursday Retreat.....
Prayer: Jesus, You are the carpenter who mends broken bodies, broken souls and broken relationships.   Help us to mend, restore, and repair bodies, souls and relationships, beginning with my relationship with You and following to those who need Your presence the most this day. Amen.

Read  St. Matthew 5: 13 - 16

St. Augustine warned Christians of the fourth century to remember that Jesus lived his life on earth as a human yet Jesus was also God’s son and was divine.  When we read the Gospels,  we read of the ministry that Jesus did on earth as well as the Divine.  This same way,  St. Augustine stated that we love Jesus and also love our brothers and sisters.  If we go to worship and then step outside and neglect the person sitting in need,  we are not living a full Christian life.  This is the “work” part of worship.
Worship is more than just sitting in Church for an hour each Sunday.    Through Worship,  we are sustained by the Holy Spirit and then we turn around and share the love of God with those who are in need.    Worship always leads to action.    
In the Gospel reading today,  Jesus calls us to be salt and to be light so that others can see the glory of God.  Leave aside your grumbling and your whining,   go forth in your work knowing that the glory of God is with you.

Prayer: Healer of all, heal my broken spirit, that I may more fully love as You have loved, even to the point of sacrificing Your Son so that we can have Your Eternal love and life.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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