Sunday, 30 September 2012


Prayer: Great God,  on this day of worship and celebration,   help us to know that You are guiding us and causing us to be drawn into places where we can worship You with others who also seek to do Your will.  As we worship today,  may our minds and hearts be open to the Good News.  May we hear Your call to be fisher of men and go forth with enthusiasm for sharing the Gospel.   Holy God,  be with new congregations that they may not get discouraged when the way looks impossible.  For Trinity Presbyterian Church as they call their Minister.  For the Francophone Ministry in Winnipeg and Rev Charles.   For  the Rwandian Ministry and Rev Shadrack.   For the Colombian Ministry and Pastor Pedro.  For the Filipino Ministry and Rev Mario and Rev Ed.   Be with each of us this day as we worship You throughout this Sabbath Day and remember to keep each day this week a day lived with You.  This we ask in Your Son's name.    Amen.

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