Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesdayv- work and worship

Tuesday retreat....
Prayer: What are You up to today O Lord?   Show us how we are to take part it Your work.  Amen.


Read Psalm 135.

In this Psalm,  the people give thanks and praise to God.  This is a beautiful example of our lives as Christians.  We are to worship and praise God all day long.  Yet,  even when our life becomes full of hardship and despair,  we remain in the presence and longing for God.  Praise be to the LORD who dwells in our hearts.

Worship of God is not dull and boring.  God speaks and we respond.  Worship is dynamic.  As read in the Psalms,  worship is a dialogue between God and God’s people. 

As we worship God,  the Holy Spirit moves and leads us into ever new forms of praise and mission.   We frequently think of worship as just sitting in the pew for an hour each Sunday.   Worship is much more than sitting in a pew.  Worship is also our very work.   This is called “liturgy”…. Worship is the work of the people.   You will note it is the work of the people,  not the work of Ministers and Elders J    Those of us who sit in the pew must  push up our sleeves and begin work for God through worship.

Prayer:  Almighty God,  give me the courage to boldly be Your love and care today in our community.  We ask that the Holy Spirit be by our sides as we do Your work.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.   Amen.

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