Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Prayer:  Heavenly Father,  You gave to us the precious gift of Your son.  May we take this precious gift and give to others this day and always.  You showed Your glory to the shepherds in the field.  May we today too see Your glory. The shepherds went forth and worshipped at the feet of the infant Christ Child.  May we today too worship our Lord and Saviour.  The shepherds went and told everyone of the Glorious Impossible.  May we today too go out into our neighbourhood and tell everyone of Your Glorious Impossible-- Your Word made flesh to come and save us.  Amen.

Read St. Luke  2:  8 - 12

The shepherds were out in the field keeping watch over their flocks when the Angel of the Lord appeared before them.   I don''t know about you,  but if I was one of the shepherds and suddenly an Angel of the Lord appeared before me  I'd have to go home to change my undies!  The Angel told them of the Saviour's  birth and without haste,  they went to worship the Christ Child.  Wow!  How amazing. 
Then the shepherds found Joseph and Mary and the Infant Christ.  They told Josephe and Mary about the Angel and what the Angel had said.   Mary listened and treasured all their words. 
God came to be one of us.   Hallelujah!

Prayer:  Eternal and everlasting God,  we rejoice with all creation at the birth of the Christ Child.  For he is the Morning star and the light that dawns in the dark places of our hearts.  Gracious God,  chase away all the gloom and bring us once again into the stillness and light of Your presence.  Amen.

Merry Christmas!

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