Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday - Advent 1

Prayer:     Great God,  we prepare our hearts for Hope this day.  We sit here listening in the stillness for Your Voice.   In all that we do today O Lord,  we give to You, for we know that  Jesus is coming, as God’s hope for us.
The promise of God is sure: ‘A righteous Branch will spring up …and he shall exercise justice and righteousness in the land.’
 In this season of Advent, we celebrate the coming of Jesus to us in astonishing meekness, and await his coming again in awesome majesty.
Until that day, we live as Jesus’ disciples, witnessing to God’s faithfulness and salvation in a world that is both stressed and distressed.
 As the candle of hope is lit, welcome Jesus as God’s hope for the world’s healing, when all sorrow and sin, hunger and pain, tears and death, will pass away.
We wait for that day and work toward it, with words of hope and deeds of love, in the power of Jesus.

The candle of hope is lit.

Sit in silence for a few minutes.  Repeat the word “Maranatha”.  This is a Greek word that means “Our Lord is Coming”.    Maranatha.      Mar a  na   tha.  Maranatha.    As you sit in silence,  ask God to prepare your heart for hope.   Think how you can share the gift of hope to this world, with your neighbour, your friends,  and your family.  

Lord Jesus Christ, hope of the world, we celebrate your coming to us in the fragility of flesh and blood, and anticipate your coming again for the healing of the nations. Help us share the promises of hope with those facing despair, enduring injustice, and those struggling to find direction. Amen.

Written by Rev. Dr. W. J. Clyde Ervine
Produced by Presbyterian World Service & Development
The development and relief agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada
50 Wynford Drive, Toronto ON M3C 1J7

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