Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday - changing lives in Advent

Prayer:  O Come let us bow down and fall down before Christ our Lord.  O Come let us bow down and fall down before Christ our Saviour.  O Come let us bow down and fall down before the Christ our Healer.   Amen.


Read  St. Luke 5: 12 – 16

A man covered with leprosy comes and falls down before Jesus.   In the Bible when it states that people “fell down” in front of  Jesus,  it doesn’t mean the person tripped.  What it means is the person recognizes that Jesus is of God and must hide their face from the glory of God.   The man simply says to Jesus, “If you want to,  you can cleanse me”.   Wow.    This man who was unclean and tossed outside of the community came and asked Jesus to heal him.   Was this great faith or desperation for healing?    As leprosy was a disease that was not healed,  this story is about great faith.

Jesus then asks the man to quietly go and present himself to the priest (who would then declare the man cleaned).    The man didn’t go quietly.  He was healed. He was cleaned.  And he told everyone he met.    He was changed.

This day,   think how meeting Jesus has changed your life.   This Advent day,  how will you tell everyone about Jesus?

Prayer:  Thank You God that You prepare our hearts for change.   You have changed our lives so that we live out our days in hope, joy, and praise to You.       Continue to help us each day so that we are changed into people who are a light in our community and a guide on Your path.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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