Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Week Friday

Prayer:  Great God,  we are blessed that we can keep Your Word.   We rejoice that we can keep Your Word in our hearts, and minds, and souls and rejoice in Your glory.  Now and forever.  Amen.

Time of reflection….
“Even more blessed are those who hear God’s Word and keep it.”  St Luke 11:28

 Today we will focus on how to keep God’s Word.  What does it mean to keep God’s Word?   First we must understand that God gave us Jesus so that we might have eternal life.  The Easter Story of Resurrection!  Hallelujah!    God asks us for nothing in return.  How amazing is that.   Our gift that we can give to God is our love and gratitude and knowing God’s Word.     Second we must understand that we will only keep God’s Word by knowing what “the Word” means.   We keep God’s Word by reading the Scriptures daily and reflecting upon these Scriptures.   Eventually the Scriptures will become part of our lives.

Many years ago in Sunday School,  memorizing portions of the Scripture was a neat way to teach the Bible.   Now that method of learning Scripture is out of fashion as it just lead to memorizing Scripture but not making it a part of one’s life.   But sometimes  knowing several verses of the Bible is a good thing.    Being able to call up portions of the Scriptures when we are in a sticky situation is a good thing.  

Reflect for a moment:  what is your favourite Bible passage?   
What attracts you to this Bible passage?   For some people it is the image that the Bible verses portray.  For other people,  it is the message that comes from the verses.
Can you repeat your favourite Bible passage without looking up the verses in the Bible?

Each day this coming week,  try to memorize a portion of Scripture.   By memorizing the Scripture,  it becomes part of us – then the Word of God becomes alive.  

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it”  St Luke 11: 28  (NIV, Zondervan  1983).
Funny thing sitting in the Doctor's office today wondering what was up with my ol' body.  There were no other patients.   So what does a person do when they are all alone?  Sit and pray.  It was a wonderful hour of sitting and praying for family and friends and all those who hear God's Word and keep it.   Blessed.

Prayer:  Great God,  help us this day and every day to hear Your Word and to obey Your Word.   You are a fountain of living Water that when we are thirsty for Your Word,  Your Word is present.   We thank You that we can read and listen to Your Word each day.  Alleluia!

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