Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday - Grunt work of Faith

Prayer:  O God,  Our Loving Creator,  we give You thanks and praise for Your goodness to us in all time and in all places.  You have been our shield and our defender.  Help us to be open to Your call to be Your people so that those who do not know You may find rest and love in You.  Amen.

Read  St. Luke  12:  40 - 48

Jesus then continues to instruct the disciples on a thief who comes and robs a house.  If the owner had known he would be robbed,  he would not have been out late at night and would have kept his house safe and locked.      Jesus continues to instruct the disciples that they are not to be slovenly and careless about the Word of God – they are not to be slovenly and careless about sharing the Word of God.

Peter then asks if what Jesus is saying is for just them or everyone.  

The instruction is for everyone but especially the disciples as they are the one’s listening to Jesus.   The disciples are not to be like slovenly servants who decide the Master is not coming home and then throw parties in his Master’s  house only to have the Master come home and find his servants drunk and having destroyed his house.     

As Christians we must continue loving God with our whole hearts and working to bring the love and justice of God into this world.  We can not be like the slovenly servants and begin to forget God --  we must continue each and everyday to live as God would have us live so that others can see the Good News.  

Yes this is hard work praying each day,  reading scripture each day,  meditating each day,  and then sharing the Good News with our friends and family each day.   Over the many years of serving congregations,   Minister’s  often hear the words from congregational members that say, “This is taking up my time!  I thought just coming to worship and giving my offering would be enough!”     Indeed.   While prayer and meditation and reading scripture and serving others does take time,  that is not why we are Christians.  We are Christians in order to share in  the glorious love of God and then share this glorious love of  Christ with others.  How can we not?   Out of our love for God,  we worship,  pray,  read scripture,  meditate,  forgive,  and share this great love.
This is what it means to have faith!

Prayer:  Revive us O Lord and fill us with Your love when we feel burdened down with life.  Revive us o Lord and fill us with Your peace when we are weary.   Revive us O Lord and fill us with Your renewed enthusiasm.  We give You our thanks and praise.  Amen.

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