Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday - Emergency Disaster Plan

Prayer:   Might God of All Creation,  You created us anew in Christ Jesus. We dedicate ourselves now to You.  We give You our thoughts and our bodies so that we can be the light bearers of Christ Jesus.  Help us to keep our thoughts focussed upon You this day.  This we ask in the Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen.

Read  St. Luke 12:  35 – 38

Jesus instructs the disciples (and us!) that we are to be like house servants waiting for their master to come back from his honeymoon.   The house servants stay awake and ready to open the door when the master arrives and knocks on the door.   This is an instruction by Jesus for us to “stay awake”... for us to be ready when God comes back.    And what will happen to those who “stay awake” and serve God continually?  God will serve a wondrous meal--  God will take care of those who have served Him all their lives.

What does Jesus mean for us to “stay awake”?   It means serving God all of our lives from doing the smallest things like changing the hymn numbers in Church each Sunday to helping the poor and sick and lost in the community and world.  

With Manitoba wondering this spring if we will end up with a  High Water Event – flood,   the province has created handbooks on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.   The handbooks state that we need to be ready with enough food and water to last us if the power goes out and stores have to close.   The handbook states that we need extra petroleum for our cars in case we need to make a quick getaway.  We need to know where the water shut off valve is in our house.  We also need to know what we want to take out of the house with us if we have to make a quick getaway.   These are all great preparatory questions.    As Christians,  we also need to explore and then answer these questions.    Jesus has instructed the disciples time and again that knowing and reading the Bible is the ‘food’ God gives to us.   How well do you know the Scriptures?   Do you read the Bible each and every day?   Knowing the Scriptures so well that we can bring up comforting passages when we get into an Emergency situation is exactly what we must do.     As Christians,  our “petroleum”  is prayer – this is what keeps us going in all situations.    Are you able to pray at anytime for anyone in any situation?   As Christians,  our “water shut off valve” is forgiveness – without forgiving others we become inwardly cranky, angry  and disheartened.      Are you able to forgive others even in the most trying of situations?  As Christians,   our  “treasures” is worship – gathering together to worship God.  Are you able to worship with others even in the most trying of situations?
How will you “stay awake” and prepare as a Christian this day?

Prayer:  Even through the silent watches of the night O Lord,  make us ever alert to Your presence.   Even through the silent watches of the day O Lord,  make us ever filled with Your love.  Amen.

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