Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wednesday and Thursday - treasure

Wednesday  April 24
Prayer:  Great God,  it is only in You that we dwell in safety.  It is only in You that we find our rest.  It is only in You that we live and move and have our being.  Amen.

Read  St. Luke  12:  27 – 31

Consider how the lilies grow.  They do not labour or spin, yet not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these.  Jesus continues on to say how much more will God cloth us.  Do not worry about what you eat or drink…. do not worry about it.    
Jesus continues to tell the disciples to seek God’s kingdom and these thing will be given to them as well.   Now,  Jesus does not say that God will pay for the mortgage of Church and home.   God will not pay for the new car.  God will not give each Church a million dollars.

Rather Jesus instructs the disciples to seek God.  To truly seek God through prayer,  studying the scriptures,  meditating upon God’s word, and  asking forgiveness.   And only then will we truly see the splendours that God has provided on this earth.

Today,  take these few verses from St. Luke and think about them.   Let the words roll around in your mind all day.   Think of these verses as food --  eat them and chew on them.  All day long think about these verses.  It is only by thinking and meditating on the Scriptures  that  we will be changed into what God would have us be.

Prayer: Heavenly Father,  You created the lilies and they neither toil nor spin.  Yet there is none with greater splendour than these lilies.  Heavenly Father,  as You care for and nurture these very lilies,  remind us that You care for us with a greater love.  You care for us with greater patience when we slide away from You.   Thank You O Lord that in all things,  You are with us and by our side.  Amen.

Thursday  April 25
Prayer:  Almighty God,  help us this day O Lord to bring Your treasures of Heaven to those who need them this day on earth.  May we always remember the needs of others.  May we always walk in Your path of righteousness so that others may see Your goodness.  May we always speak in Your voice of love and peace so that others may hear Your Words of sustaining life.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read  St. Luke  12:  32 – 34

Treasure.  What person does not like treasure.    When we walk along the sidewalk and finding some money,  we think we have found great treasure.      Treasure.    Pirates buried their treasure so no one else could find it.   What is your treasure?  Do you have any treasure “buried”  or hidden away in your house?      Do you have a treasure hanging on your wall?

The treasure that Jesus speaks of is not the material treasures of earth but the treasures of heaven.   And how do we find the treasures of heaven?  By giving to the poor,  by caring for those who can not care for themselves,  and by loving those who can not love. 

Henri Nouwen wrote a book entitled, “The Return of the Prodigal Son: A story of Homecoming”    After a deeply draining time,  Nouwen comes home from a lecture and mission tour and is struck by a poster of  Rembrandt’s painting of the “Return of the Prodigal Son” he sees on his friend’s wall.    Reflecting upon the painting leads Nouwen to a greater understanding of not only his life’s work but also where his treasure is.      Nouwen tells one story of wanting to see the original painting – which is in the Hermitage in Russia.    He is allowed to sit on the big red velvet upholstered chair and just look at the painting.  But the sun gets into his eyes and he can not clearly see the painting.   So he moves the chair.  The guard has forty fits that Nouwen moved the chair.   The Art Curator comes out of his office,  sees the problem and goes off to find another red velvet chair.    Nouwen says he was embarrassed to be sitting in another red velvet chair as there were three others in the room.  But these chairs apparently could not be moved.

How is our life like the red velvet chairs that can not be moved nor changed?    How much is our life a hidden treasure of material things?   How can  we change our lives so that our treasure is seeking God  and coming home to know the love and life of God.

Prayer:  Great God,  may we seek You today in our hearts.  May we seek You today in our minds.  May we seek You today in our souls.  May the love of Christ come upon us so that others will know of Your name and graciousness.  Amen.

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