Saturday, 29 June 2013

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While we study God’s word,  it is equally important to remember our prayers.   Today we will be praying a Prayer of Forgiveness.
This is a meditative prayer.   Find a comfy place to pray.

Spend a couple of minutes just breathing before you begin this prayer.   Focussing upon our breathing helps us to focus upon our prayers.    

Breath inward and think of the love of God you are breathing inward.
As you breath outward,  think of all the love of God that is surrounding you.

Breath inward in the love of God
Breath outward knowing that the love of God surrounds you.

Begin this prayer.  Slowly reading and meditating upon each phrase.

Holy Holy Holy God,  Lord of Power and Might…..
We bring before You today our sins…..  the things that we have left undone….. the things we have left unsaid…   the hurt we might have caused our family and friends…… 

Great God,  we offer up to You today all stubborn opinions and negative thoughts we have had……

We bring before You today O LORD  those people who have upset us…… 

Forgive us O LORD and have mercy upon us……

For all our situations and people who have upset us O LORD,  we release them from our minds to You……

For all the things that have upset us O LORD,  we release them from our minds to You….

Heal us  and surround us with Your wisdom,  Your strength,  Your healing,  and Your love.

In Your love,  we live and move and have our being.   Holy Holy Holy God,  LORD of Love and Mercy,  grant us Your peace.    Amen.

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