Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday - Joyous Singing

Prayer:  Holy God,  open our minds today so that we listen to Your Word.  Open our hearts today so that we learn to love Your Word.   Open our eyes today so that we can read Your Word and share it with all in Your world.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read St. Luke 19: 28 – 40

This portion of scripture is one we hear each Palm Sunday.    Jesus now heads straight to Jerusalem.    He sends two disciples to find a colt and bring it back.    The two disciples head off to the home that has the colt.    They bring the colt back to Jesus and Jesus rides the colt near the Mount of Olives.    Riding a colt  - donkey   into Jerusalem is a symbol that Jesus is coming not as a warrior King (who rides a horse)  but as a peaceful Messiah who rides on a colt.   

As Jesus continues to ride into Jerusalem,  the disciples and the crowd burst into song --   Blessed is he who comes,  the king in God’s name!  All’s well in heaven!  Glory in the high places!  (Luke 19: 38  The Message   Nav Press 2005).

What did the disciples do as Jesus was riding the donkey?  They burst into Song (Psalm 118).    Over the years,  we have discovered that dying Churches have little volume in their congregational singing.    Singing is one way of praying to God.   Yet when the congregation begins to stop singing with great gusto, every Session should perk up their ears and  discern what is wrong.     Churches that are dying or dwindling in numbers forget how to sing….. they forget how to praise God…. they forget how to bring the hospitality of Christ into their community.  And how sad. 

The Pharisees are disgusted at the singing of the Disciples and say to Jesus, “Teacher, get your disciples under control”   Jesus replies by saying, “If they keep quiet the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.”   Singing is a very important part of our journey in Christ.   Singing is part of our worship to God.

Next Sunday listen to the singing in your congregation.   

Prayer:   Great God,  You bring joyous song into our lives.    When we are happy and filled with Your presence,  we sing to You with great joy.     Make us every mindful as our congregations begin to loose their song,  that our praise of You must never diminish.   This we ask in the name of Your Son.  Amen.

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