Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday - the Kingdom of God

Prayer:  Great God,  thank You that You listen to each of our prayers and meditations.  May we,  this day,  keep a time of silence so that we may hear Your voice and Your calling.  Amen.

Read St. Luke 17: 20 - 25

The Pharisees were grilling Jesus on when the Kingdom of God would come.   Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is not plotted on a calendar.  The Kingdom of God is already amongst us.

Then Jesus instructs the disciples on the Kingdom of God and tells them not to rush around after rumours of people saying that the Kingdom of God has come or that the Son of God has returned.  We are to stay where we are and continue the work of God in the place that God has called us.    Jesus instructs the disciples that the Kingdom of God will simply come.

The important phrase for us to remember is Jesus telling the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God is already here amongst us.     God is with us. 

It is through meditation and reflection that we bring the Kingdom of God into action.
1.  Give God thanks for all you have received.   Give God thanks for the big things you have received as well as all the small things you have received.    Remember the “things” are not monetary.  Faith,  life,  family…..    What have you received in your life this week for which you are thankful?  

2.  Ask for the grace to know your sins and to root them out.
Spend time on this statement.  Ask God to help you root out the things in your life that are sinful…. or caused hurt to yourself…. or caused hurt to others….   
Ask God to help you remember and then ask for forgiveness of things you have said or not said… for things you have done or not done.
Be greatful for the life God has given to you.

3.  Reflect over your week so far.  What actions,  thoughts, words, feelings have you had?   Have your actions, thoughts, words, and feelings led you to God?

4.  Ask God to forgive your sins and faults
It is in asking forgiveness of God that we become whole people of God.

5.  With God’s help,  what one thing will you resolve to change in your life tomorrow so that your life is a reflection of God?    This day,  how will you share the Kingdom of God with others?
End with the Lord’s Prayer.

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