Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday - decrees -- say what?

Prayer:  Open our minds to Your will this day O Lord.  Open our ears to Your call this day O Lord.   Open our eyes to Your new creation this day O Lord.  Amen.

Westminster Shorter Catechism Question #8
Question:  How does God execute His decrees?
Answer:  God executes His decrees in the works  of creation and providence.

Isaiah 40: 21-26

God executes His decrees in the works of creation (that would include us!) and providence.    It is through us that God brings about His plans for the world.   We are God’s hands and ears and eyes and feet.  This means we must always roll up our sleeves and  through prayer,  discern what God would have us do so that God’s plans can be begun and continued.     This means being a servant and a peacemaker.    

Prayer:  Divine Healer,  open our hearts and minds and eyes to Your creation this day.    May we listen to Your voice and help out to bring healing to this world.   May we see Your creation in a positive way and not get discouraged when our efforts seem to fail.  May we always delight in serving You.  Be with those who are struggling with floods in BC,  Alberta,  Saskatchewan,  Manitoba, and India.  Comfort all Your peoples knowing that the work of our hands will  help those in need this day.    Amen.  

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