Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday - grace, mercy, and peace

Prayer:   Great God,  open our minds and hearts to Your Word this day.  May we meditate and reflect upon Your Word and take what we have learned into our lives this day.   Amen.

Read 1 Timothy 1: 1-2

The Opening of a typical Epistle.  The letter tells you who the letter is from and who the letter is for and a blessing concludes the opening statements.  In this letter, Paul writes that Timothy is his true son in the Faith.  That is a major statement to make.  Timothy has Paul’s stamp of approval.  This is important for the new Christians to hear....  this young feller has been sent to them in order to provide them with the example of living a life as a Christian through word and deed.    
Back in the day  in the Presbyterian Church,  all Seminary Students would have an OM.  Ordained Missionary appointment.  This was a two year  appointment to a Church.  After the two years,  the Candidate could be called to become the Minister of that Church.       Back in the day,  most Seminary Students were young of age.     Most were in their mid-twenties.  Congregations who accepted  OM appointments were often teaching congregations.   Both Seminary Student and congregation would learn from each other.   The two point charge of Knox,  Port Carling and Zion,  Torrance was one such pastoral charge that accepted OM appointments.   These two Churches were awesome at  teaching their new Candidates as well as accepting  new ideas and programs from the new Candidates.    What make for  a great ministry between young Seminary graduate and  Churches?   Grace,  mercy,  peace,  and prayer!  Grace and mercy of Sessions  being taught by younger Seminary Graduates.  Grace and mercy of   Seminary Graduates listening to the wisdom of the Elders and congregation.    Peace be unto all.

The OM appointment was a great opportunity to learn about the grace, mercy, and peace of God.    So too does Paul write that the beginning ministry between Timothy and the new Church  must begin with grace, mercy and peace of God.

Today,  reflect upon how God brings and is bringing grace, mercy and peace into the Church you attend.
Prayer:    Great God,  grant us grace, mercy, and peace in our lives and in our words and in our actions.    May we be for the Church  a light to all.    This we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen.

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