Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday - community of prayer

All churches must have living healthy community in order to grow.  Today in Church we are handing out  tea bags and a prayer.   While this gift is for Valentine's  Day,  it gives the Church one portion of maintaining a healthy community.... prayer!

Valentine’s  Day  Gift and Prayer

Inside this envelop is a gift just for you
To use as you please with a cup of hot water or two
As you sit and enjoy this cup of fine tea
Remember to also say a prayer to Thee.


Prayer:    Loving God  we come to You this
day with love in our hearts and warmth in our
souls.   We offer up to You today love for
our family and friends……  surround our family
and our friends with Your loving care and joy.
Loving Faithful God,  we  thank You for those who
have pointed us towards You on our faith journey.
May Your love shine upon them this day.
Loving Redeeming God,  we ask that You create
a clean heart in those who have authority so that
they may lead Your people in mercy and justice,
peace and love.      Loving Sustaining God,  be
with those today who are weak and in need of Your
precious love.   In all that we do and all that we say
this day O Lord,  may we boldly go forth
and  share Your love.  May Your loving will be
done  this day.   In Jesus’ name we pray.

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