Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tuesday - enthusiasm and joy.

Our house is a small house.  Each room,  except for the bathroom,  is  a multipurpose room.   The quilting room is also home to  the son's  Military kit,  the husband's  bike,  and a door.    Fitting quilting into any home is interesting.   Frequently on blogs and websites are photos of other quilter's  rooms... or studios.   Some quilters claim the basement as their room.  Some quilters claim the spare bedroom as the quilting room.  This summer,  we re-walled in an original bedroom.   This room was used as a dining room for the previous owners.   And I used the room as a office/sewing room.    But after taking radon levels of our basement,  we thought it a good idea to move son upstairs into a bedroom.   So  out went the office and quilting room and up went the walls.      The quilting room moved partial downstairs.   There is no space for the sewing machine and ironing board downstairs so they remain in the kitchen.      I am still not quite used to the new space and frequently end up trying not to do backflips over the bike rack nor  get  bike oil on the fabrics.   And all that military kit  has sooo much fabric that is just the right shade of green...hummm!  But it is off limits for quilting. 

I've been working on a Kaffe Fassett quilt and ran out of available solid or tone on tone oranges, yellows, reds, and pinks  fabrics.  So that project is now waiting upon a day when fabric (and budget) will allow.  In the meantime,  I've unearthed  quilt blocks from 2006.  Time to get this one completed!

St. Andrew's  Brandon has one quilter in the congregation.  It is wonderful to have someone say, "So have you quilted this week?"   An affirmation of enthusiasm.  How neat is that!!!    This same enthusiasm must be in our Churches (you knew  I would bring the Church into this didn't cha :).    A Church without enthusiasm  or a Session without  enthusiasm  is a place lacking in joy.      So  this week....  priority after Museum paperwork is  to sew one block onto this quilt.   Yahoo.   

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