Friday, 20 April 2012

Amazing Friday

Words.  Yesterday  I was completing an on line Museum course assignment.  I'd read over the question, answered the question,  let the assignment sit for a while,  went back for a couple more read throughs,  then sent the assignment.  It was only this morning as I'm reading someone else's assignment did I remember that I'd forgotten to include two portions of important information in my assignment.    Yikes.      One portion of important information was that the copy of Richard Jack's  "The Battle of Vimy Ridge" was housed in a wooden frame.  Oops.  I'd forgotten all about the frame.  I look at it each Tuesday but totally forgot that the print was in a frame.     Oops.    Such a simple thing.   Kinda like today's  retreat...   words are such simple things and frequently we forget the obvious.  Not only do people listen to our words but also see our actions.
Today stride forth keeping your words and your actions in God's care.

And just for history's sake...   Richard Jack was the first artist hired to paint scenes of the WW1 Canadian Army battles.    Mr Jack didn't want gory scenes but scenes of the work and life of the soldier.      The "Battle of Vimy Ridge"  is a wonderful painting of Easter Monday  early morning with the Gunners  creating an artillery barrage.     The day was cold and snowy,  but there are two gunners with their shirts off... the work was that hot and intense.    Mr. Jack completed the painting in 1919.  Our Museum copy was purchased in the 1920's by the Commanding Officer of the Dauphin Armoury.  The Commanding Officer donated it to the Dauphin Armoury Officer's Mess.   The Dauphin Armoury is no more so our Museum proudly displays this painting.    Indeed here in this painting actions speak louder than words!

Friday Retreat.....
Prayer:   God Holy.  God strong and Holy.  God Holy and Immortal grant us Your peace.  God Holy.  God strong and Holy.  God Holy and Immortal,  grant us Your love.  God Holy.  God strong and Holy.  God Holy and Immortal,  bless us with Your presence.  Amen.

Read:  St. Matthew 12: 33 – 37

Jesus tells the Pharisees that words can be their salvation.  Words can also be their damnation.    This is true for us today.   Words can be our salvation but words can also be our damnation.  Watch what you say.  Watch what you do.  Remember the old saying “actions speak louder than words”?   This old saying is indeed true.  As Christians we share the Good News of Jesus by how we live.  People see our actions and listen to our words and then say, “I want to be like you—an example of Christ!” 
Prayer:   Almighty and Loving God,  help us this day to watch the words that we use.  May we only use words that will bring a positive change into Your kingdom.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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