Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday one of our neighbours was having a garage sale.   As he was sitting outside waiting for people to buy his goodies,  he was playing and singing on his guitar.   He has a wonderful voice and it was neat to sit out on our deck and listen to him sing.    
Then yesterday afternoon,   sitting out on the deck again and listening to the sounds of the spring birds was magnificient.   This year has got to be the best year for birds.   There are a lot of birds... more than we have seen (or heard) in the last almost four years.   Their songs are awe-inspiring.
Listening.   It does take effort to really listen but it is oh so worth while!
This day remember to listen to God  and to your family.

Wednesday Retreat.....
Prayer:   Great God,  we thank You that we can spend this time learning about Your Word and the Work You have given to us to accomplish.  Help me to be a blessing to others this day.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Read:  St. Matthew 13: 1 – 9

Jesus frequently spent time away from the crowd and the disciples.  He would go to a quiet place and pray and meditate.  A time away (whether physically away or just taking a time to say, "I'm praying!") is so essential for a healthy ministry.   Ministers and Elders need to take time away to listen to the voice of God and to sit in God's presence.
In this portion of Matthew,  Jesus attempts to take time for prayer while sitting on the beach.  In no time at all,  a crowd gathers around Jesus.  There are so many people around Jesus that he gets into a boat. Does he tell them that he needs time alone and to go away?  Not at all.  Jesus had compassion on the crowd and begins to tells them a story of the harvest.  A farmer plants some seed.  Some of the seeds fall on the road and  get eaten by birds.   Some of the seeds fall on gravel and while they sprout the seeds do not develop roots.  Some of the seed falls amongst weeds and get strangled by the weeds. 
Then Jesus asks the crowd if they are really listening.  What do you think Jesus meant by  this?
Are we really listening?   

Prayer:  Help us Lord to listen today.  To sit in Your stillness and hear all the sounds that are around us.  Help us Lord to listen to You today.  To sit in Your stillness and hear Your voice.  This we rejoice in Your Son’s  name. amen.
Many blessings!

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