Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wonderful Thursday

Stories.   How important are our stories.  The stories we read from the library or Kindle.  The stories that our family tell us about their day.  And the stories from history.  Yesterday  our Museum Librarian sent along a story from a French Language Magazine about Trooper Geres and Trooper Tester,  WW2  XII MB Dragoons.   26 Fd Regt Supply Officer,  Sgt Lacerte had translated from the French and it was fascinating reading the story about Trooper Geres and Tester.    Sgt. Lacerte is from Quebec and some of his English translation was fascinating.    The Museum Librarian asked me to translate from Quebec English into Prairie English.     Yet,  even through three translations, the story was fascinating.    Trooper Geres was too young to enlist in WW2 as well as having no vision in his left eye.    Once he was declined from service,  he went and found an eye chart and memorized the
letters.    He went and signed up again and had no problem with the eye chart.  He became a Trooper with XII MB Dragoons (18th Armoured Car Division).  
It is fascinating how some people overcome the stumbling blocks in their lives.    This gentleman could have just given up after the first "no" but he kept on towards his goal of joining the Military to help his country.  And while I would not suggest we take devious means to reach our goal like the good Trooper did,  he did it because he had a passion for reaching his goal.   The passion for reaching his goal is what we need to remember!
And how much more do we need this passion to reach our goal in our Churches!   What is your Church's story?  And what has the Church you belong to done to reach the goal Jesus set before us to teach others of Him by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Thursday Retreat....
Prayer:   Heavenly Father,  thank You for the stories of Jesus.  Things I would ask Jesus to tell me if he were here.   Scenes by the wayside,  tales of the sea.  Stories of Jesus tell them to me.   First let me hear how the children stood round his knee.  And I shall fancy his blessing resting on me.  Words of kindness,  deeds full of grace,  all of the love-light of Jesus’ face.   Amen   (Tell me the Stories of Jesus.  Words by William Henry Parker.  National Education Christian Council)

Read:  St. Matthew 13: 10 – 17

The disciples ask Jesus why he tells stories.  Jesus replies that a story will ready people’s  hearts.  Some of the people (and the disciples)  understand what Jesus is saying and have an insight into his teachings but other people have no readiness and haven’t a clue what Jesus is trying to teach.  It is through the stories Jesus tells that people begin to understand what it means to be a follower of God.  
Jesus then quotes from the prophet Isaiah and says that he doesn’t want the people to not understand.    Their ears are open but they don’t hear a thing.   Their eyes are alive but they don’t see at thing.   The people turn away so that they do not have to look at Jesus face to face so he can heal them. 
The Disciples have been blessed with a readiness to understand the words and teachings of Jesus. 
How today do we turn away and not understand the teachings of Jesus?   Are we like the people Isaiah is talking about that we shut out God because we don’t want to understand the teachings of Jesus?   
Today ask God to open your eyes to a renewed understanding of the teachings of Jesus. 

Creator God,  open my eyes to renewed understandings of the teachings of Your son.  Divine Healer,  please instill  within me feelings of peace,  clarity,  fulfillment,  appreciation,  and serenity.  Allow me to experience harmony,  unity, and support in my life and in my family.  This I ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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