Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sabbath Sunday

Here in Brandon,  it is raining.    We certainly need these spring rains as the earth is extremely
dry.   But we can't ask for too much rain or our Assiniboine River will flood again.    Not enough rain,  too much rain is rather like our Christian journey.    Sometimes we are enthused and renewed by our daily life (just right amount of rain)  and sometimes we are drained by our daily life (Too much or too little amount of rain).     Yet it all leads back to prayer.  It is in prayer and the reading of the Bible that we are sustained in times of too much and times of too little.  

These past fews weeks,  I have been listening and reading about Ministers and Elders who are finding this season a huge burden.   The Ministers and Elders are understanding that their responsibilities are too great and the frustration levels are huge... and,  of course, there is never any money to do anything to build up the Church.   

When Ministers and Elders get to this stage of frustration,  it is time to meet together over food and pray.  Yup,  pray.   Prayers of forgiveness,  Prayers of burdens,  Prayers of Adoration, Prayers of Intercession,    Prayers of Thanksgiving.    Go for a walk together and then gather to pray some more.    Eat together and then pray some more. 

Prayer is healing and cleansing.  Praying together creates enthusiasm beyond that which we know.

This day may we who can either attend worship or are sick at home but still worship from our rocking chairs,  keep our Ministers and Elders in our prayers.   Through our prayers,  may we help to lift their burdens and provide them with the spring rains of new life and new enthusiasm to share the love of Christ with others.    But in everything may God's will be done.

Redeeming God,  help us to open our hearts to Your Word.  As the cooling spring rains brings about new life and new growth, help our Ministers and Elders to see this season as a time of newness in Your sight.     Open our ears to the cries of Your people so that we can respond with Your love.  Open our hearts to the love that You give to us all.   This we ask in Jesus’  name.  Amen.

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