Saturday, 21 April 2012

Get Ready Saturday

Saturday.  A day of preparing for Sunday.   Of saying prayers for those who are leading worship.  Bill Easum in his book "Ministry during Hard Times" said that in this present era our Church should be giving our top resources to Worship.   And I agree.   Our priority must be worship.  Some people say that only great places like Taize or Iona know how to really worship.   This is not actually true.  One can worship God anywhere together as God's people.  But what people sense in Taize and Iona are the hours spent in prayer.   When one spends time in prayer and meditation of scripture,  one becomes alive in Christ.    
God does not require us to worship but we come on bended knee to worship God out of our great love for God.   So this week,   uphold your Worship Leaders in your prayers.  
Now,  if only the same thing could be said for the weekly dust bunny hunt and general clean up time around our house :)  But then again,  mundane tasks like finding the dust bunnies leads to lots of time spent in prayer!

Get Ready for Worship.....Pray these words slowly and meditate after reading each paragraph.
Great God,  we thank You for the Proclamation workshop being held today at Westwood Presbyterian Church.   Be with the leaders,  Rev Peter Bush and Rev Glenn Ball.  Be with the participants that they may learn how to live life fully as a Christian.  Be with our families and friends and neighbours.   Use us to further Your kingdom here on earth.   
We hold up to You those who are preparing to lead in Worship tomorrow.  Be with the Preachers,  Lay Minsiters,  Worship Leaders,  Choir Directors,  Organists,  those who lead us in songs.    Instill in them the joy of Your Word.  
Forgive us Lord for the times we have left Your work undone.  Forgive us Lord for the times we have gotten discouraged.  Forgive us Lord for the things we have left unsaid.   We thank You that You forgive us and have given us renewed life in You.
Holy God,  may the love of  Jesus Christ take form within our hearts.  May the love of Jesus Christ fill and calm and restore and bring new life into our journeys.  Turn us so that we can always see You.  God of Life,  may this new life flow peacefully with full healing power through our whole physical bodies as well as our Church body.  God of restoration,   may the power of this new life flow into our actions and relationships this day.   This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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