Monday, 8 October 2012

Amazing Thanksgiving Monday

Prayer:   Lord,  have mercy upon us.  Your Word, O Lord, is forever.  Your Word gives us life.  Your truth lasts from age to age.  Glory to the Father,  and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.  Now and always and unto ages of ages.   (Father Weare)

Now that we know all about “busy”,  what does a “not busy”  life look like?  Stephen Cherry suggests that there are 14 ways to not be “busy”.     He suggests that over 14 days,  you try one idea.    
1.  Don’t rush about      
2.  Walk positively and purposefully       
3.  Never say “I am very busy”        
4.  Never say “yes” when people ask if you are busy
5.  Refute anyone who says, “I thought you would be too busy to…..”
6.  Ignore anything marked URGENT (unless it is an Invoice or Late Payment)
7.  Always be on time – even if it is just on time
8.  Never sigh on arrival or say, “phew”
9.  Keep saying to yourself, “no one is indispensable – not even me”
10.  Never tell people what you are about to do next or “rush on to”
11.  Don’t play the game  of “I have more meetings than you do”
12.  Never say, “I have three meetings to attend all at the same time”
13.  Don’t tell people that you have missed your day off
14.  Do tell people what you do when you have some free time.
(Stephen Cherry.  Beyond Busyness.  Sacristy Press, 2012.  Session 7).

Our mind and our bodies are so linked that when we change our thoughts to positive thoughts,  our bodies respond as well.    It is amazing how changing our thoughts into positive thoughts means a happier body.   

Read Colossians 3: 15 - 17

Today,  how will you show God your gratitude for creating you as you are?

Prayer:  Almighty God,  You have regenerated us  Your servants by water and the Holy Spirit.  Strengthen us,  we ask You O Lord, and daily increase in us the gift of Your Spirit.  The Spirit of wisdom and understanding.  The Spirit of counsel and spiritual strength.  The Spirit of Knowledge and true Godliness.  Through Him who has sent down the Spirit upon the Church,  Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  (Father Weare)

Many blessings!

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