Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday - abiding in Christ

Prayer:  As we abide in Christ,  You supply us with all we need for this day.  As we abide in Christ,  we are free from fear and have quietness and confidence within us.  As we abide in Christ,  we are at one with God and know the peace of God which passes all understand.   This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Busy.    The second message that is subliminally transmitted by “busy people” is “busy people” are stressed.  When “busy people” are stressed,  they  stop listening.   Have you ever been with a friend (or family)  and suddenly you just know they aren’t listening to you?     Aha.    Through stating the one is “busy”,  we end up causing ourselves undo stress. 

The third message that is subliminally transmitted by “busy people” is they/we begin to pay more attention to themselves/ourselves than to others.   “Busy people’s”  day planners and meetings are more important than your meetings.   “Busy people”  will stand and talk with you and tell you how busy they are with all their meetings and plans, but they will forget to say “and how are you?”.   The focus of “busy people” is upon themselves,  not upon God.   If our focus is solely upon ourselves,  then of course we will not have time to say our prayers every day or to read our Bible every day.   Humm.  Time for a look at your life huh.

Read  Psalm 95  (especially verses 7-8)

How will you take what you have learned today into your life and prepare your heart to worship God?

Prayer:  Holy God,  Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal One.  We commit ourselves to You this day.  By Your help and Your grace,  we will endeavour to keep Your commandments and to follow You faithfully in the way of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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