Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday - Reformation and Preparing our hearts

Reformation Sunday tomorrow.    Reformation.  It seems so long ago in our Church life.  Yet in perspective,  it wasn't that long ago.  And shamefully,  we are dealing with almost the same issues today as way back then.    People working on Sundays and not able to get to Church.   Reformer John Calvin said to the Session that the Church must offer the Word of God to all.... so Worship on Sunday was at 5am (before the Servants needed to start the fires and cooking of breakfast for their Masters),  9am,  Noon,  and then again at 3pm.      Oh if we could have this passion for leading Worship for all God's people today.   We frequently think that the Reformers were just focussing upon the Church and the Sacraments.  We forget that the Church was part of the community.   For instance,     John Calvin  also said that we must educate people.  Calvin stated that everyone needed to learn how to read and write.... and he suggested that there needed to be some sort of grading system and promotion so that people didn't get stuck in the same ol' education.   Today,  how will you become a Reformer?   Look at your community and see what needs doing... then go forth with the love of God to help!   

Prayer:  Almighty God,  our heavenly Father,  You are the only Source of light and life.  Send down upon our Theological Schools – Knox College,  Presbyterian College,  and Vancouver School of Theology—the rich gifts of Your Holy Spirit,  that in them Your truth may be sincerely sought,  effectually received,  and obediently followed.  That in growing measure they may become centres of inspiration and servanthood.  Surround their teachers with wisdom,  zeal and patience.   Inspire their Scholars with the spirit of truth, honour, and humility.  Grant that from all members of the Church which they serve, there may be willing and generous support.   Be with congregations who are seeking  Summer Student Ministers for 2013.   Bless the congregations and missions for the work of Dennis at Knox Winnipegosis, Christian at Kenora Fellowship Centre,  Sampson at Knox Geraldton last summer.   Be with these three in their studies and in their callings.   For the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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