Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday -- Time Wisdom... filling in the bits and pieces

Prayer:  O God,  the giver of all good gifts,  we thank You for all the blessings which we have.  Give us always contented minds,  cheerful hearts,  and ready wills, so that we may spend and be spent in the service of others, after the example of Him who gave His life a ransom for many,  our Lord and Master,  Jesus Christ.  Amen.  (FMP 1964)

That day disappeared quickly.   Or,  where did the day go?    Have you ever said either of these  statements like the ones listed above?

Benedict was a very smart Christian who lived eons ago.  He said that we needed to work
for so many hours a day,  pray for so many hours a day,  meditate upon God’s Holy Word for so many  hours a day,  and to just “be” for so many hours a day.  

Do you know how much of your day is spent in God’s presence?  Do you know how much of your day is spent in the line at the grocery store?  Do you know how much of your day is spent in front of the television?

Today, you will find out!    Throughout this day,  fill in the chart below.  Then at the end of the day,  give thanks to God for a full day.       You might be surprised at how you really spend your day.  You might want to change your priorities for each day too so that you can spend time in the presence of God.
Day and Time
What Did You Do?





Noon – 1










Read  Psalm 34

Are you surprised or not surprised at what you do all day?   How will you take what you have accomplished today and give it to God?

Prayer:  Creator God,  when the day is over and we turn to You before we take our rest,  we give You thanks.  You have been with us all the day long, and for all Your mercies – perceived and unperceived – we give thanks.  All that has been amiss in us, in thought, word and deed, we report and do ask for Your forgiveness.   We also forgive all who have offended us.  Grant us now the blessings of a quiet mind and a trustful spirit. Let us rest in You,  at peace with You and with all,  through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  (FMP 1964)

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