Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday - asking for guidance

Preparing for Sunday.  This week we have been studying the beginning of the Gospel According to St. Luke with the birth story of  John the Baptist. And who doesn't love a good story about how one was born!   The Gospel is the very foundation of our faith.  The Good News of Jesus is what we must share with others..... but I found this week that anger gets in the way of people receiving the Good News.   I've been on the receiving end of anger this week.  Just a couple of words and phrases,  but they hurt to the quick.   This is where prayers of forgiveness come into our lives.   We can keep those ords and phrases in our hearts and become very sad OR we can give our relationships and situations up to God and ask for release from this anger.    Make some time today to hand over all those things in your life that have made you sad or discouraged.   Gratitude is our key to a life lived in wholenes with God.    And we can only live in gratitude when we hand over all the saddness and discouragement.    

Prayer:  Almighty God,  we pray for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit as we seek a new Minister for St. Andrew’s Brandon,  St. Andrew’s Thunder Bay,  First Church Thunder Bay.  You know each congregations special needs and the task that lies to the hands of the Elders and Board and congregation.  In the search,  direct each Committee and give them insight to perceive the leader that You would choose for each congregation.  We ask, O Lord, in this time of waiting that each congregational member may devote themselves afresh to Your service so that nothing be lost of the faithful work of the past but rather that it may be brought to a rich harvest in the years to come.  This we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Holy God,  we lift up to You today all the saddness and discouagement that we have burdened ourselves with this week. Be with those who have caused us to be sad or discouraged.  Give to them Your peace and Your love.  Cleanse these thoughts and emotions from our bodis so that we may be filled  with Your strength,  Your love,  Your healing,  and Your gratitude.  This we ask in Jesus name.   Amen.  (adapted from Forward Movement Prayers 1964).

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