Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday - Advent 2 - bringing comfort

Prayer: Come Lord Jesus Come.  In the silence of our hearts,  we know the great joy You bring.     Come Lord Jesus Come.  In the stillness of our minds,  we know the great peace You bring.   Come Lord Jesus Come.  In listening  for Your voice, we know the great love You bring.    Help us this day to listen to Your Voice as You call us to be Your people.  Amen.

Read  Isaiah 40: 1 – 5


“Comfort,  comfort my people says your God.”  (Isaiah 40: 1  NIV  Zondervan,  1983).   Comfort.    What do you think of when you hear the word comfort?  Sending someone a special note or card?    A comfortable recliner?  A comfortable life with no financial worries?    The word comfort that Isaiah is using here is to comfort someone out of their troubles and into joy.   This kind of comfort does not come just from humans but comes directly from God through us. 

These portions of scripture bring  comfort,  mystery, and awe to the people.


Isaiah is bringing comfort to the people of Israel. During this time of Isaiah,  the people are in the last days of the exile of Babylon.   The people hear that Jerusalem will be  restored (their centre for worship).   The Israelites will be restored.    Yet, yet,  there is the voice of one calling in the desert to prepare the way for the LORD,  make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.  (Isaiah 40: 3  NIV  Zondervan,  1983).   The people are reminded that God has already brought Moses and the people up out of the desert in Sinai.   The word wilderness means disorder and chaos.  Isaiah tells the people that a highway is made in the wilderness—in the disorder and chaos of their lives.  A straight path is made through the wilderness –through their disorder and chaos-- is the path to God. 


This Advent season,  to whom will you bring the comfort of God?


Prayer:  Wonderful Counselor,  You  comfort all people.  You make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.   Your love and compassion gives us comfort in all of  our life.  We give You thanks and praise.  Amen.


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