Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wednesday - Advent 2 - encourage

Prayer:  God of hope,  fill us with all joy and all peace as we continue to trust in You so that our hope may overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.


Read Romans 15: 4 – 13


Endurance and Encouragement.  Paul prays that the Romans may be filled with endurance and encouragement so that they may have a spirit of unity amongst themselves as they follow Christ.    Wow.    Endurance and Encouragement. Two very positive words.    These are two words that we so desperately need in our Church and homes this day too.    The journey of being a Christian is not a short easy journey.  It is a journey that takes endurance.  It is a journey that takes our whole life.     When we are baptized and then confirmed,  our Christian journey does not end with our confirmation.  Our Christian journey continues all of our life.  It is our responsibility to continue growing in maturity so that we may have a spirit of unity and encourage others as together we follow Christ.


Paul continues on to remind the Romans (and us)  that with one voice we glorify God.   As we come together for worship,  we glorify God.     Then Paul says something that is a wonderful reminder for all of us…..  accept one another just as Christ accepted you in order to praise God.    Yup,  we must accept one another --  even the people that tick us off and annoy us.  We come together as one people to worship God.     It is through our endurance and maturity as Christians that we encourage others to grow in Christ. 


Write down three ways you will encourage others in their faith and worship during this Advent season:


Prayer:  O Come thou Lord of Might and send Your endurance and encouragement upon us when our spirits fall and our bodies weaken.   We thank You Lord Jesus that You accept us just as we are.  During this Advent season,  remind us that we are Your voice and Your arms so that we can encourage others in their faith and worship.   O Lord God Almighty,  we wait for the birth of Your Son – the time of the glorious impossible.  But with You all things are possible.  Amen.


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