Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday - Advent 3 - Get Ready

Prayer:  This day O LORD,  You bring us comfort in our waiting and in our listening to Your voice.   Come Lord Jesus,  return to us and deliver our souls for the sake of Your love.   Come Lord Jesus,  help make us ready to serve You all the days of our life.  Amen.


Read Malachi 2: 17 - 4: 6


Malachi (pronounced Mal ah ki) gets in the last word.   Malachi the prophet is the last Book in  the Old Testament and the last of the twelve Minor Prophets.   In this small book,  Malachi is a prophet who wakes up the people from their complacency.     The people are slowly sliding away from God and Malachi says, “But listen!  Listen to God!  Get ready for God! “  Malachi tells God’s chosen people to remember the great Prophets of Moses and Elijah.  Moses keeps us rooted in what God has done in the past.  Elijah keeps us ready for what God will be doing in the future.  

For us today,  Malachi is still relevant.  Christmas is coming.  We rush around getting the baking done,  the cards written and mailed,  the gifts bought,  the batteries for all the toys stored in a safe place.  But the first Christmas was not a time of business.  The first Christmas was a transforming event.    As we live through this Advent season, what  will be our means of getting ready for a new way of looking at life -- a new way of living?  


During Advent, how do you get ready for God?   What has God done for you in the past?   How will you keep ready for what God will be doing with you in the future?

Prayer:   Give us faith like the prophets, O Lord.  Help us to be  strong enough to know even when we are in a desert,  that You and Your kingdom are no farther from us than our hearts. Make our hearts strong like the prophets, not swayed by trials or snared by false pleasures. Give us courage to be faithful until Your promises are fulfilled.  O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  Ame

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