Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday - Advent 4 - Prayers of Preparing the Way

Sit in a comfy chair or sofa.


Think of a  place you like to visit that gives you joy…. a family meal,  a holiday spot,  the library,  the coffee shop,  the hockey rink,  outside in the mountains,  your living room…. where ever this spot is make it comfy.


Slowly repeat these words of prayer.  Sit in silence between each phrase or sentence: 

Divine God,    

my focus is totally upon You this day

and the joy of knowing you  and being in this place of joy

Come within  me

move through every part of my body 

move through every part of my  mind

dissolving  all feelings,  thoughts, and patterns 

of frustration, irritation, and aggravation.

Please sweep away all impatience, 

Please sweep away all struggles and suffering that resides in my consciousness.

Allow me to turn my frustrations into inspiration and enthusiastic action

Guide me, Oh Lord,  in the direction where my actions will become  actualized,

so that I can experience joy with my accomplishments completed in Your love.

May I  live in Your light and Your love

Thank you for your gift of your son

Who has given me eternal life

And Your eternal love and light and wisdom

Embrace me, Almighty God,  with Your radiant gold beam of satisfaction

Of happiness, contentment, and delight

Allow me to feel confident that I am moving in the perfect direction where you are guiding my life

Emmanuel, help me to recognize and celebrate all the wonderful things You have helped me achieve in this life.

Thank You O God of Hosts for all the magnificent people with whom You have placed in my path

Thank You,  O LORD of All,  for the rich experiences I have lived and breathed in You. 

As I recognize You in my life, I feel truly blessed

Thank You Eternal Lord,  You have prepared a way in our world for the coming of Your Son.  By Your Holy Spirit You are bring the light of the gospel to darkened lives each and every day.  Renew us,  so that we may welcome the Infant Christ Child --  Jesus Christ to rule our thoughts and our love. To You be all glory forever.  Amen

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