Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wednesday - putting aside deeds of darkness

Prayer:   Great God,  during this season of Advent and always may we put on the armour of light and live each day in Your glory.  Heal our hurts and our complacency so that we can live all of our days in Your glory.  Amen.


Read   Romans 13: 8  – 14


Paul  writes to the Romans that  love is the fulfilment to the law.    Love your neighbour as yourself.  Paul asks the Romans to wake up from their slumber,  to put aside their deeds of darkness and to put on the armour of light. 


These three images that Paul uses are great images.   Paul is asking the Romans to wake up from their mediocre lives… from their slumber… remember and return to God.    Have you ever had a conversation with someone and in asking how they are and what is new they reply,
Same ol’  same ol’?”     As Christians,  God asks us to live each day as if it was a new day.  We live our life within God’s love.    So for us,  each day is a new adventure… we shake the slumber off of ourselves and get ready for a great day.     What one new thing will you do today that will prepare for the coming of Christ?


Put aside the deeds of darkness.    What are these deeds of darkness?   We often think of the big ones like “do not murder” and “do not steal” and “do not commit adultery” but what about those other deeds of darkness…..   living life in complacency,  living life gossiping about our neighbour,  living life holding a grudge.  Paul says that we must put aside all deeds of darkness so that we can carry out the work of God.  During this season of Advent,  winter has begun.  We wake up in the darkness each day and by  8:30am (or so),  the sun has popped up over the horizon.   This is a great illustration of  the deeds of darkness and coming into the light of the Gospel.    This is a great reminder for us each day that we need to ask God for forgiveness of our sins.


Put on the armour of light.  Return to God.  Remember God. As we live through this season of Advent,  include God in your life each day.   Remember to thank God for your life and for your day.    How will you put on the armour of light today?


Prayer:  This day O LORD,  we wake up in the darkness of night and  we put on the armoury of light.  We will live this day in Your presence so that we can be awaken  alert and recognize Your kingdom.  Come Lord Jesus Come.   Amen.


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