Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday Lent 2

Friends.  Yesterday was a reminder of great friends.   When we lived in Sherwood Park AB,  I belonged to the Sherwood Park Quilt Guild and out of that Guild came a great group of friends.  We called ourselves the Knotty Needles.   We had a common passion -- quilting.  Yet we also had a lot in common about our lives.....  hospitality,  compassion for helping others,  and a joy for living.  I certainly miss this group and over the years,  others have moved away as well yet through the wonders of e-mail we keep in touch.  I especially love when people share photos of new grand babies,  quilts,  places where they are now living. 

And yesterday by bestest friend (Husband Mine)  spent quite a bit of his day being chauffer.  Thursday we received 1000 posters for advertising our Museum Vimy Night celebration.  Only oopsie was we only ordered 100 posters.  So,  what to do with 900 extra posters?   Drive around town,  mail posters,  share 60 posters at a time with Museum Volunteers and Reservists and Cadet Commanding Officers.  And through each of these activities,  Glenn was available and ready with the car to drive me anywhere.  Aaaaah.  Now that is love :)

Just so you know....  26 Fd Regt RCA - XII MB Dragoons Museum presents the Vimy Night Fundraiser on Saturday  31 March 2012 Brandon Armoury  1116 Victoria Ave Brandon at 6pm.   Dinner tickets are $15.00 per person.  Evening Entertainment is the 26 Fd Regt RCA Pipes and Drums followed by a Live Auction with our very own Curator as Auctioneer.   

Today is a preparatory day.  I am playing the piano for St. Andrew's  again this week and need your prayers so that I can play each of the hymns without arthritic pain and can play the hymns as they were meant to be played!   As I practice the hymns,  I get discouraged as my fingers and brain just will not work together.  But I'm reading a book called "40 days with Joan Chittister".  Sister Joan is a Benedictine and believes that one should not cloister oneself behind walls in order to find God,  one must live out one's  life as God as given to each of us and rejoice greatly (okay,  rejoice quietly during Lent).    I love that idea and try to live it out each day.  God can be found with each step we take... and in each badly played wrong piano note.   So today as I practice and tomorrow as I play, I pray that my fingers play to God's glory... even if there are wrong notes.   

Preparatory Prayer for Worship tomorrow:
LORD,  we pray You to continually inspire Your Church universal with the Spirit of truth, unity,  and peace and joyfully played hymns.   Give Your grace to all Ministers, Elders, and Lay Preachers that by their life and their faith they may show forth Your Word of Truth and celebrate You this day in love and in joy.       Please remember this day  students and workers called to lead the Summer Vacation Bible Schools throughout the Presbytery of Winnipeg and Brandon.   Please remember Westwood Presbyterian Church  as they continue initiating and helping to fund this ministry of Vacation Bible School workers.     Give Your grace to all Your people as we  meet together in Your presence tomorrow.  May we hear and receive Your Word with purity of heart and true obedience, to serve You all the days of our life. And may You hold each who lead in worship tomorrow in the palms of your hands and give us peace.   Amen.

 Many blessings!

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