Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday - Lent 4

Museum Day yesterday.    What a blessing.   People often say that Museums are dusty, old,  and dead places.  Oh that is so not true.    Yesterday we discovered through some early "Ooops,  I need to get those photos of new weapons in our Weapons Verification book" that we actually have one more firearm that isn't on our Weapons Verification list... and has been that way for quite a while.  Oopsie. We had two awesome gentlemen come out from CFB Shilo to do a weapons check.    We had two visitors in looking for how to access online information on their Grandfather who was part of WW1.....   or  if you ever need to know.     Two gentlemen who were working keeping the Armoury beautiful popped into the Museum for a break.  Our librarian reached cataloguing 1900 books - articles.   Uniforms got changed in the display cases.    Three medals were appraised for an individual who wants to donate them to our Museum.   Tickets were sold for our Vimy Night on 31 March 2012.    .... and that was only half the day's work.     Eight people working together to serve others.   Amazing how active some places are and that activity is positive activity.      Can you say your Church is that active with positive activity?  If not,  why not.

Check out  homepage... click on Lent Retreat.  It is awesome!  A great positive activity booster and retreat for your day!

Lord, hear our prayer and let our cries come to You.  Answer us when we call.  Hide not Your face from us and in the day when the burdens get too large for us to hold,  remind us that You are our burden bearer.  It is to You we turn to complete us and make us whole and Holy.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read:  St. Matthew  10: 1 – 4

Jesus prayed for help with the harvest. Remembering that prayer leads to action,  what action did Jesus take?   Jesus called the disciples and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and heal every disease and sickness.   

Instead of trying to do everything himself,  Jesus gives authority to twelve others.  Now there are thirteen people helping with the harvest.

During the Exodus,  Moses was in a similar predicament as Jesus.  He was trying to do everything himself.  His father-in-law dropped in on him and said, “Are you nuts?  Why are you trying to do everything yourself?  You need to pray and gather those who are called by God to be Spiritual Leaders to help you”.  (Exodus 18:  13 – 26)  And Moses was smart enough to listen to his Father-in-law.   Moses prayed for  Spiritual Leaders and then choose many to help him with the task.

Today the tasking of helping with the ministry of the Church is presented to the Elders.  They are our Spiritual leaders.  And after much prayer,  the Elders are the ones who will ask each of us to “help with the harvest”.   When was the last time your Elder called you and asked you to help him/her with the harvest?

O God,  the light of Your glory shines in the darkness of our lives.  Make us attentive to Your presence, prompt to serve You and ever eager to follow in the steps of the One who is the true light and the source of life,   Jesus Christ,  Your Son,  our Lord. With one heart and with one voice,  we ask that You lift up the life and work of our Elders.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Many blessings!

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