Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday - Lent 5

In the hustle and bustle of bringing the pieces together for our Museum Vimy Night,  it is so important to take time away during the day to be centred in God.  And amazing how sitting in a rocking chair in the living room or sitting outside for a few minutes and praying refreshes the heart and soul.  

It was delightful to stand in the 26 Fd Regiment Orderly Room yesterday and hear the laughter that permeates the office.   Good laughter is a sign of health and happiness.    

Thank You God for laughter and great sense of humour!

Father of mercy,  God of all consolation,  strengthen us in our very lives to adore and to serve You faithfully.  We give ourselves to You this day open for Your Word and Your Work.   This we ask in Jesus’ name.    Amen.  

Read:  St. Matthew 10: 40 – 42

Jesus says to the disciples and to us today that we are all intimately linked in the work of the Harvest (the sharing of the Good News of Jesus).    It is a large work that Jesus has called the disciples (and us!) to do. 

If someone offers to help,  accept the person’s offer!  This is something we have forgotten in our Church’s  today.  To accept a person’s offer.   Have you ever offered to help out and been told, “Oh no thanks,  this is easier to do myself”.   So how does that share the Good News?  It doesn’t.  That skreetches the Good News to a stand-still.   Always remember the Sharing of the Good News begins even with the smallest task.
Or have you been on the other side and the task given to you seems HUGE and you seemingly have no help?    Well,  says Jesus,  ask people to help out.   In Churches this means either phoning people directly and asking for their help or putting an announcement in the Church bulletin.   Communication is so important.    And so is prayer.    When any new program or idea or event begins in the Church,  we not only need people to help carry out the program but most importantly,  we need people to carry this program in prayer.     And we have to be specific in the prayer. 

Do not be overwhelmed by the large work.  It is best to start small.   The smallest act of giving or receiving is an awesome example of  how to share the Good News of Jesus.

Thus day,  phone your Elder and ask how you can help with Sharing the Good News of Jesus for your Church.

God Holy, God strong and Holy,  God Holy and Immortal  grant us peace so that we may live this day in Your joy and praise.     Help us to remember that we are Your hands and the aid of Your Work.   Give us the strength and delight to serve You forever.  Amen. 

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