Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday - Lent 4

Happy Sunday!  Lent 4.

Work on Saturday.  Amongst getting Museum paperwork somewhat completed,  here are two photos of a quilt I was also working on yesterday.  The bits and pieces are slowly getting together.   This quilt has a Carpenter's Wheel as the centre then flying geese (10 per side) and Bear's Paws to hold
the quilt down... or together.

And the quilt blocks peeking out from under the Carpenter's Wheel are a Judy Neimeyer Wedding Star that I started for my sister in, gulp,  2003.   
Diagram of Quilt in progress ....

May you have a blessed Sunday!   

Composed by The Rev. Dr. Emily K. Bisset
Produced by Presbyterian World Service & Development
Lenten Liturgy 4

Leader: How often, like our brothers and sisters in the wilderness,
we have failed to trust God’s covenant!
People: We have let God down and hurt one another.
Leader: But Jesus came into the world and was lifted up in order that
love might be reborn.
People: Let us be glad, for we are not condemned, but held in the
covenant of grace.
Leader: May God provide for our every need as we wander through
our own wilderness.
People: May Christ our Saviour never condemn us, but deliver us
to salvation.
Leader: May the Holy Bond of Love keep us in eternal care.
People: May we be empowered by embracing God’s covenant
and accepting God’s changes.

Many blessings!

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